Home based physiotherapy

National Emirates for Medical Services Physiotherapy service provides individuals with a comprehensive and specialized assessment and treatment of muscle, bone joint and soft tissue conditions through the application of various therapeutic massages.

Post-Surgery & Trauma

Patients can benefit from post-surgery, shock and trauma treatments such as gait training with walking devices and Functional Electric Simulator (FES) electrotherapy sessions. On the other hand, chest physiotherapy can assist post-surgical and bed ridden patients by preventing complications during and up till recovery.

Chronic & Life-Threatening Illness

Physiotherapy treatment services for palliative care patients suffering through severe illnesses or those with chronic lung diseases can benefit from our specialized chest physiotherapy sessions and palliative care programs. Our professional staff is knowledgeable in treating cancer with a series of medical heat application sessions called Thermo Therapy. Additionally, breathing exercises are also offered to assist with neurological and pulmonary conditions.

Sport & Pain Therapy

We offer a wide range of services including graded strengthening and endurance treatments, soft tissue massage and myofascial release. Stretching exercises to improve joint mobilization and theraball or gymnastic ball therapy for trunk control and balance activity services are also provided. Our qualified staff is experienced in treating pain with electrotherapy such as Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Simulator (TENS), Therapeutic Ultrasounds and Cryotherapy Treatments. Back care programmes to improve posture and treat pain are also available for patients of any age.

Senior & Elderly Care

Physiotherapy care plans are available for seniors and the elderly wherein National Emirates for Medical Services has extended their services to home and nursing home visits. Those experiencing aches, pains or stiffness can be massaged and cared for by our certified staff of professionals. Frequent massage therapy is often used to help relieve two common aging conditions, Osteoarthritis and Alzheimer’s disease.

Baby Care

Baby care is a wonderful way to bond with your little one as it is known to improve development and stimulate growth hormones in newborns it is also soothing and relaxing to you and your baby. Massaging premature babies or those with medical or developmental conditions is extremely vital, however, the correct techniques need to be administered to its best, to avoid any type of injury. Moreover, our licensed physiotherapist can teach you how to massage your baby to improve sleep, digestion and reduce colic.