Employing/Transferring the medical staff

As a specialist recruitment agency, we’re strengthening the healthcare world by helping motivated, talented healthcare and medical professionals further their careers.

National Emirates for Medical Services is a specialized organization focusing purely on healthcare recruitment, with an extensive database of locally and internationally based candidates, while servicing some of the region’s leading healthcare providers, hospitals and clinics in a country with an ever changing landscape.

The UAE’s rapid growth has had a positive impact on all business sectors and has created a ever growing demand for healthcare services as the Middle East continues to rise. Additionally, the rapid population growth, a larger, ageing segment, and the prevalence of long-term diseases, has all led to an increased demand for healthcare services, and created great opportunities for both Healthcare Providers and Healthcare Professionals.

As one of the region’s largest recruitment agencies, our website is updated on a daily basis with the latest healthcare vacancies from around the UAE. So please feel free to login and search for your next big career move!

National Emirates for Medical Services offers you the service of providing different highly qualified medical staff such as Nurses,Doctors, and Technicians etc. It’s a hassle free service because we also process the necessary documents for the staff.