Home care for kids and other home care solutions

To ensure your family member is in the safest and most caring hands while you are away, we offer a round-the-clock service wherein a specialized nurse looks after your child or elderly relative. We also accompany patients in need of assistance from their home to their doctor’s appointment and back through our chaperone service.

Qualified babysitters

Our babysitting services ensures that we take all reasonable precautions to guarantee the welfare of your child from maintaining discipline to feeding and care patterns directed by the parent. Designed to meet your full satisfaction, we provide skilled Nurses and babysitters depending on your requirements and the age of your child.

  • With our at-home-care service, we make sure that your child is constantly supervised and undertake all reasonable precautions to guarantee their safety. In the event of an emergency, our skilled Nurses and babysitters will immediately get in touch with you and call a doctor if necessary.
  • Providing care for ill children, we enable parents to continue their professional lives and assists them when they travel abroad.
  • Tailored to meet the needs of parents, our babysitting service enables you to relax in the peace of mind that your newborn babies, toddlers and children are in the safest hands.

New born nurses and nannies

Our newborn Nurses are specifically trained to teach new parents skills as well as to provide quality care for newborn babies. A newborn nurse is often referred to as a baby nurse, maternity nurse or neonatal nurse. Our newborn nurses teach new mums how to breastfeed, bathe and clothe their new addition to the family. He or she will also keep logs of your baby’s habits, including eating, sleeping, urinating and defecating. Our newborn specialists will also help teach you how to care for the umbilical cord stump or circumcision site, prepare and sterilise bottles, do your baby’s laundry and help you maintain a neat and tidy nursery. In addition, we can provide specially trained baby nurses that can help you care for twins, triplets or a premature infant.